Why Christian Tours of America?


At Christian Tours of America, we desire to see Godly men and women rise up and boldly proclaim the message of God’s faithfulness throughout history. From the picture of redemption at the cross to His work through the settlers at Jamestown, God has been good to us. Tours of America’s Christian lineage teach important truths about our past and provide a foundation of knowledge that will help you to steward the message of God’s faithfulness.

Our expert guides, trained by Christian historians and theologians, will walk you in the footsteps of our history and share stories of their courage and faith. You will be given insight into the heart of men such as the Apostle Paul and George Washington, and you will understand their hopes for the generations to come. We at Christian Tours of America recognize that we are at a crossroads in our world. We sense the urgency, and we know the critical nature of our calling.

With each passing generation, we are drawn further away from our Godly roots. We must act now. Nowhere else will you see more clearly the truths of God’s providential hand on His people than on one of our God and Country tours. We hope you will stand with us as we work to leave a legacy of God’s love and faithfulness for the generations that come behind us.